Bachelor of Community and Regional Planning

The BS in Community and Regional Planning at ECU is the oldest program in North Carolina to offer a Bachelor of Science degree in Planning. In 1960, ECU began to offer Urban and Regional Planning courses, and three years later, an undergraduate pre-planning minor was established. In 1974, the BS degree in Urban and Regional Planning was approved, making ECU the first higher education institution in North Carolina to offer such a degree. ECU’s BS in Community and Regional Planning is one of only 16 undergraduate degree programs in the nation accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board (PAB). It is also the only accredited undergraduate planning program in North Carolina. In 2019, the program was renamed Community and Regional Planning.

The BS curriculum aims for students to develop the theoretical and analytical skills necessary to evaluate societal problems and provide solutions. The program is attentive to fundamental values concerned with improving the quality of life.

The BS curriculum usually begins in the second semester of the sophomore year or upon completion of the general education requirements. In consultation with a faculty adviser, students will take core courses focusing on theory, law, and techniques. Students must select one of two areas of emphasis (Community planning or Coastal planning) and two planning electives. All students must also complete either a minor or two planning-related concentrations.

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