Development and Environmental Planning Certificate

Both Online and On Campus options are available.

The Development and Environmental Planning Certificate provides students with the ability to recognize natural and regulatory limitations on land development, analyze the impacts of land development on the natural environment, and apply land development techniques that minimize environmental degradation and promote environmental sustainability. Effective Fall 2015, the certificate is available to all students admitted to the graduate school. The certificate can also be completed as an option under the MBA degree program.

Certificate Course Requirements

The certificate requires 12 s.h. as follows:

  1. Required – 6 s.h.
    • PLAN 6015 – Hazards and Emergency/Disaster Planning OR
      PLAN 6025 – Housing and Community Development
    • PLAN 6065 – Growth Management
  2. Electives – 6 s.h.
    • Two 6000-level PLAN courses (3 s.h. each) approved by the student’s graduate advisor, excluding PLAN 6038

Portfolio Requirement

All students in the Development and Environmental Planning Certificate must submit a portfolio upon completion of their courses. Each student must discuss this requirement with the Certificate Coordinator at the beginning of their last semester.

The portfolio must,

  • Demonstrate student’s ability to identify and interpret environmental conditions.
  • Demonstrate student’s knowledge of environmental sustainability.
  • Demonstrate student’s knowledge of growth management strategies to maintain or control the urban sprawl.

Examples may include class assignments, individual or group projects. When submitting a group project, students must clearly describe their contribution(s) to the project in writing.

Format: There is no specific format required, but each portfolio must include a cover page and a table of contents. A one-to-two-page statement must also be included, after the table of contents, that explains how each of the assignments included in the portfolio demonstrates one or more of the three bulleted points above.

Contact the Certificate Coordinator, Dr. Anuradha Mukherji, for more information at