Capstone Planning Studio Class

Students in Fall 2019 Planning Studio (PLAN4096) presented their capstone projects successfully to a jury of professional planners. Their projects were part of a collaboration with Sampson County, North Carolina. Students were tasked with updating the Sampson County Land Use Plan. The land area for Sampson was divided into three sections or projects – North, Central, and South – with a team of students assigned to each section.
The focus of the three projects was to understand the site and analyze its opportunities and constraints based on community data, site observations and stakeholder input. Students conducted field trips to project sites to visually document and conduct on-site observations. They spoke with key stakeholders including liaisons from planning departments, county commissioners, business owners, town officials, and residents. The final project reports present a set of land use recommendations for each of the three sections of the county. The reports will be shared with the Sampson County Planning Department.
Students: Peyton Ahlers, Micajah Anderson, William Barnhill, Jennifer Basil, Kevin Cheruvathoor, Spencer Crawford, Dylan Delese, Gustavo Marin Diaz, Heather Mosesso, Rebecca Mountz, Savannah Newbern, Anna Willis
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Anuradha Mukherji